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The prom dress I ordered was not the same as pictured on their website. The dress I received was of poor quality and craftmanship.

It looked like a child had made it. I feel they are selling knockoffs and not telling the consumer. The dress was made in China and was nothing like what was on the website. Their return policy is also a problem, will only refund 20-50% of purchase price after you return the item at your cost.

I paid extra for a custom fit and the dress still didn't fit properly. Beading on dress was wrong and falling off. I wasted $200 on this dress and had to purchase another dress. Luckily, we found the right dress at a wedding store but had to spend $450.

Lesson learned, I won't ever purchase from the internet. In the pictures below the first dress was the picture on the website,the next 3 pictures are of the dress I received and the last picture is of the dress we bought for $450 which is exactly like the picture from the website.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Cary, Illinois, United States #640247

I am sorry about what happened to you first of all. I wanted you to know that my family owns a formal wear store where we sell designer prom dresses and these web sites are horror stories waiting to happen.

The dresses they sed you are knock offs and are nothing close to what you are promised. I know this because the pictures posted on the site are stolen from the designers. So they will she you the designers photo and then send you some cheap thing they think they can pass off to unsuspecting buyers. I can only recommend that you go into a store to purchase such beautiful items.

If you find a dress you like it will always have a designers name and style number and the designers web site will usually list where their dresses

Can be bought.

If it does not have a designer and style number run! And I'm not surprised your beads didnt Stay on, they are glued

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #627341

The biggest difference between the picture of the online dress and the one you received is that the pictures you took were a lot closer up, which is one reason they look different. Yes, the beading is different, but that isn't a real biggy.

Was it listed as being by a certain designer or manufacturer? If not it can't be considered a knock off. Unless you are a seamstress, you have no way of knowing whether the dress was of poor quality. But when you tell what you paid for the dress, and then what you paid for one in a bridal store, you should expect to get what you paid for.

I don't know what the big deal is about the beading------unless it is something that has to match exactly with somebody else's dress, it shouldn't make that big of difference. As far as the beading falling off, that happens with all beading at some time.

I would also like to know why a Mrs. needs a prom dress.

to anonymous Alliance, Ohio, United States #867141

This dress is dead awful!!! I't not even worth $20.00. I'm glad I looked into this website more in depth because I thought about purchasing a dress I know better now.

to anonymous Dayton, Ohio, United States #942206

Do you work for one of these Chinese sweatshops or what? You certainly do not have to be a seamstress to tell when a garment is poorly made.

Does the beading look like the picture?

It looks like colorless beads to me, when the photo shows beads in jewel tones. Oh, and falling off, but I guess one has to be a seamstress to know whether that's a "big deal" or not.

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