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Update by user Jun 27, 2013

As of today June 27, 2013 they are saying there inspectors said the dress is in perfect condition! They offered me half my money back, by doing that they know the dress is not wearable. Need to take more action

Original review posted by user Jun 13, 2013

I purchased a prom gown for my daughter.I thought it would be great to go with their custom alterations.

When I got the dress it was uneven. The zipper was crooked on the side, all the fabric was bunched in the front and did not lie flat on her stomach. There also wa a black mark on the side if the dress. I emailed them and they said they would give me $15.00 for the problem.

I thought they were crazy. You can NOT wear this dress. I mailed it back on 5/18/13 and when I tracked the dress it said they got it on 5/28/13.

Today is 6/13/13 and their saying they don't have the dress.

Monetary Loss: $290.


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Oh look another hide behind your keyboard troll. It's a prom dress oh maybe you don't know what prom dresses look like.


I'll never understand why people want to dress their children like prostitutes.


I just got an email about this post from two years ago haha...This is what happens to boring, no life people, they comment on a post that started two years ago! Smh


This is what happens to cheap people .. They buy cheap things. There's an upside for them though; they get to indulge their habit of whining online for weeks and weeks after they "get what they pay for" HAHA!!

Mountain View, California, United States #917313

Well the ppl overseas are making a he.ll of alot more than .22 an hour anonymous. And what ppl want and expect is exactly whats advertised. You anonymous are obviously a republican.


You wanted a $300 dress for $150.What do you expect?

If the people making the dress are paid $.22 and the material cost $5 you'll get a crappy, badly made dress.You got what you paid for.

to Anonymous #894786

Chill out anonymous perfect person! I did get a full refund and bought a beautiful dress at BCBG. Are you happy for us?

East Islip, New York, United States #884492

Backyard Ben, when I first posted this some people said I was lying about the dress. Just look at the pictures!! That's why I wrote that, nothing towards you.

Danville, Virginia, United States #884096

This is terrible from what i can see My mother handmade many a prom and other dresses its a lost art.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #739199

What means did you ship the dress back? I am finding it costs as much as I paid for the dress. Thanks

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